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Wed 8th Aug2:00 pm2 Marlborough Way

Wednesday 13th June

Despite two absences we had a good turnout of five today.
Audrey is getting on with her history, and struggling a bit with the 1939 Register. This is a new area and has presented some with difficulties searching . More work needed here.
Eileen has be making great strides and is now working back up her mother's line. She is looking at her DNA results. With only her own results to use it is early days yet to see what emerges. The watchword is: keep waiting to see if any links are put up by Ancestry, but take anything it says as a useful guide not a cast iron guarantee of a link.
John has made great strides in identifying his Irish grandparents and great grandparents. He needed to verify the likelihood that a woman named as 'Casey' on one transcript is actually the same as his ancestor 'Carey' on another. We agreed it was almost certain.
Iris has a new problem. Some time ago, believing that she had completed work on her Tree, she closed her Ancestry account, under the mistaken belief that as she had paid for the work, she now owned the Tree and all that it contained. This, as we now know, is not so. Her son managed to get Ancestry to re-activate the account, but all the personal photos, (but not the Ancestry provided images), have disappeared. There seems to be some sort of glitch in the storage, but we were unable to clear it. It seems likely she will have to go through all the photos on her file which is on a pen-drive and change the embedded file ID, which is a featureless number, to the name of the person on the image. Then re-attach each photo to the Ancestry Profile. The recommendation is that once this is done, the whole file of photos, should be copied to the laptop for safety.
Then work through all the names on the Tree copying any images attached via Ancestry (as, say, Censuses and BMD docs) to folders on the laptop
The fact is that, when you download a .gedcom file of your Ancestry tree the images that are attached to it by Ancestry and the user are not downloaded with it. So can be lost if they have not already been saved. They should return if you reactivate your account, but this does not seem to have happened here, and we have not enough info to determine why.
A full day.