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The Music Appreciation Group

Leader is David Oakley phone 01530 563409

6th September.

With three apologies there were seven of us at this month's meeting and once again we had an enjoyable two hours of music, chat and laughter.

Dorothy launched us off with 'Vivaldi's Flute Concerto', reminding us that this choice of composer usually means his Four Seasons. Her second choice was the 'String Sonata No.3', a delightful non opera piece by Rossini.

David had chosen two pieces by actors we don't usually associate as singers. The first was Lauren Bacall singing 'Woman of the Year', from the show of the same name. This was followed by Robert Ryan singing 'It's Lonely in the White House, from 'Mr President'; Irving Berlin's last, but disappointing, musical.

After several previous unsuccessful attempts Ann was at last able to play 'Make them hear you' from the musical 'Ragtime'. Her second choice was Bryn Terfel singing the 'Toreador Song' from Carmen and she recounted the story of a chance meeting with Bryn at a Cambridge concert. Her later track was Frank Sinatra singing 'Pennies from Heaven'. Believe it or not this was the first time since the group was formed that an 'old blue eyes' track had been chosen.

Sally had selected Beethoven's 'Moonlight Sonata', a piece she used to play as it was the slowest piano piece she could find. Then staying with a piano theme she chose a blast from the 1950's past with Winifred Atwell playing 'The Poor People of Paris'. Her later choice was Frankie Vaughan's 'Garden of Eden', a singer for whom the torch still glows. Neal reminded us Frankie was probably the only man who refused advances from Marilyn Monroe.

Neil's track selection were all tracks by Brenda Lee, a singer he considers should have been the Voice of the Century, but he was devastated to find she didn't even get a mention in the BBC listing. His three Brenda choices were 'Speak to me Softly', 'My Colouring Book' and a pre-Elvis rendition of 'Always on my Mind'.

Nev, with an eye on the season, had chosen the Kinks 'Autumn Almanac' with a second choice of Hugh Laurie playing and singing 'Kiss of Fire'. A later choice was a guitar instrumental of 'Brother can you spare a dime' leaving the artist for us to guess. To the surprise of many it turned out to be Joe Brown.

To some amusement Mike had brought along the same Hugh Laurie album that Nev had chosen so instead he chose 'Slowdown', a track by the prolific composer Louis Jordan, and a wonderful recording of 'Summertime' with Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong. Finally Mike had a track from 'The Blues Brothers', Cab Calloway singing 'Minnie the Moocher'.

The October meeting will be on Wednesday 4th kindly hosted by Trish and Paul Bennett at 9 Ashtree Road.